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The Monthly Rubdown: Smoke on Wheels

Smoke On Wheels Competition BBQDo you every wonder what the elite competition barbecue teams are doing to consistently put themselves in the winner’s circle? Well, every so often one of these teams will let that secret out to the masses by coming to market with a new and innovative barbecue product. It just so happens that we’ve got the inside track on the first shipment of a brand new competition marinade and injection that’s sure to shake up the circuit this year. Plus it never hurts that it was developed by the team responsible for bringing home the 2010 Jack Daniels Pork Championship, 2009 New York “Empire State” Grand Champion, 2009 5th place KCBS Team of the Year, 2008 American Royal Reserve Grand Champion, and boat load of every other barbecue award you could ever imagine!

Smoke On WheelsSmoke On Wheels is a family oriented barbecue team from Kansas City led by Andy and Kim Groneman. They feverishly tour the country competing in barbecue contests and gobbling up awards at every stop along the way. If you’ve spent much time on the competition trail, then chances are strong that you’ve come across this barbecue powerhouse at one time or another.

With their passion for cooking, and their continued success in the competition world, it’s no surprise that this team has come to market with a bottled version of their secret-recipe marinades responsible for establishing the flavor profiles that have brought them so many barbecue accolades.

Smoke On Wheels Marinades

Smoke on Wheels Pork Marinade & Injection is an apple/pineapple juice based concoction that draws strong flavors from soy and Worcestershire sauces. It has a nice dose of sea salt, balanced by a mild sweetness, that will bring a wonderful brine-like flavor to your pork.

Smoke on Wheels BBQ Marinade is an olive oil based mixture that carries an nice buttery-herb flavor. There’s a garlic flavor on the back-end that gives a pleasant, but not overwhelming, aftertaste. Although I’m unable to taste the lemon juice that’s listed in the ingredient list, you can definitely tell it’s effects by the tenderizing that takes place throughout the marinating time.

Both of these products are now available in our BBQ Addicts online store. And always, we’re offering a combo deal to save you some cash when you buy both marinades.

Smoke on Wheels Pork Marinade & Injection (16 oz) – $7.49
Smoke on Wheels BBQ Marinade (16 oz) – $7.49
Smoke on Wheels Combo (2 x 16 oz) – $13.99

Both injections are proudly touted as free of MSG and phosphates!

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