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The Monthly Rubdown: Plowboys Jerk Seasoning

Todd JohnsDay 2 of the Rubdown Marathon brings you a new flavor from a competition BBQ team that’s coming off of a 2009 dream season. Not only did this team rack up a whole truck load of Grand Championships, but one of those just happened to be the prestigious American Royal Invitational in Kansas City. Their Yardbird and Bovine Bold Rubs are well established favorites among competition cooks throughout the entire country, and now they’re rolling out a brand new seasoning for those of you who like things hot!

The Jerk from Plowboys BBQ is a spicy blend of flavor that’s designed to bring to taste of Jamaica into the comfort of your air conditioned living room. We’ve been sampling this rub for a few weeks now and are thoroughly enjoying smoked chicken wings and pork tenderloin dusted with The Jerk. They’re great snacks to have while you’re waiting on a Yardbird rubbed pork butt to slow smoke. One again, Plowboys BBQ delivers with another top-notch rub!

As with all of the products featured in our Monthly Rubdown, The Jerk is now available in our online store.

Plowboys BBQ - The Jerk

The Jerk (13.7 oz) – $7.99

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  1. Haroon says:

    The Jerk sauce
    is only use the chicken,the jerk make the flavorful dish.