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Burnt Finger BBQ Private Stock Barbecue SauceAdmittedly, we’ve neglected our blog over the last couple of weeks. We know how much our readers hate it when we go on hiatus (primarily because we get your complaint emails), so this week we’re making it up to you with a 5 part version of The Monthly Rubdown. Each day we’ll be introducing you to a new product (or family of products) that’s now available in our online BBQ store. To kick-off this week of Rubdowns we’re rolling out a brand new gallon size of our best selling sauce.

Since it’s introduction at the 2009 American Royal, we’ve had numerous requests to have Burnt Finger BBQ Private Stock Barbecue Sauce available in a bulk package. As always, we’ve listen to your requests and delivered. Not only is this sauce the official flavor of The Original Bacon Explosion, it’s also quickly becoming a staple condiment in households across the country.

Burnt Finger BBQ

Private Stock Barbecue Sauce (gallon jug) – $24.99

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