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The Monthly Rubdown: Bacon Hot Sauce

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Bacon Hot SauceHave you ever thought to yourself, “This (insert food here) would taste so much better with bacon and hot sauce”? I know that’s something that runs through my head daily. If there are two things in this world that can something better (check that…3 things, because BBQ Makes Everything Better), it’s bacon and hot sauce. Many times over I have put both of these on sandwiches, soups, salads, steaks, pork chops, chicken, eggs….this list goes on. In fact, this morning for breakfast I had a breakfast burrito with bacon and hot sauce, for lunch I had a turkey club sandwich with bacon and hot sauce, and for dinner…well, I had boneless buffalo wings, but they definitely would have been better if I had wrapped them in bacon. Point being here, how could Bacon Mania not yield a product that combines both of these intoxicating culinary marvels? The answer…it did!

Bacon Hot SauceA few years ago the fine folks at Bacon Hot Sauce were just a group of friends hanging out on a Sunday morning craving eggs and potatoes with bacon and hot sauce. One person stated that “bacon makes everything better”, while another contended that “hot sauce makes everything better”. A third person declare “you’re both right”, and Bacon Hot Sauce was born.

Like many sauces, the official recipe has gone through multiple iterations before landing on the finalized production version. They consulted with industry leading food scientists, as well as thought leaders from both the bacon and hot sauces industries to develop a quality product that will live up to the high standards held by fans of these respective foods.

We’re pleased to announce that Bacon Hot Sauce is now available in our BBQ Addicts online store. And as always, we’re offering a two bottle combo that will save you some cash.

Bacon Hot Sauce (5 oz. bottle) – 5.99
Bacon Hot Sauce Combo (2 x 5 oz. bottles) – 11.99

To help spread the word about this meaty concoction, we’re also giving away a free bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce to two lucky readers. All you have to do is post a comment below telling us how you’d use a free bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce. On Friday, March 4th, we’ll select our two favorites, and those lucky people will have a fresh bottle of sauce delivered directly to their mailbox. To kick things off, our friends at Bacon Hot Sauce hooked us up with this tasty recipe:

Bacon Cheese Ball

2 -8 oz. packages cream cheese
1/4- 1/2 Tlbs. Bacon Hot Sauce more (not less!) to taste
1 Tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 Tsp. garlic powder
1 package chopped pecan nuts

1. Place cream cheese in a large bowl and let soften.

2. Add Bacon Hot Sauce, Worcestershire sauce and garlic powder to the bowl, and using a mixer (on medium speed) or a wooden spoon, mix until all ingredients are combined.

3. Using your hands, shape the cheese mixture into one large ball.

4. Place the chopped pecans on a plate and roll the cheese ball across the nuts until the surface is completely covered.

5. Cover with plastic wrap and place the cheese ball in the refrigerator to chill for 8 hours.

6. Serve with your choice of crackers and veggies.

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  1. netmeg says:


    Gosh, I’d put that in an egg breakfast burrito, on potatoes, and slathered all over my cheese, bacon and pepper burgers.

    Hmm, might be good with cheddar filled poppers, too.

  2. Victoria says:

    Ok, so it may sound weird, but I LOVE hot sauce on pizza. SOOOO I would get a bacon pizza and then add this amazingness on to the pizza and enjoy! Heck, I would even skip the bacon on the pizza, keep it extra cheese pizza and then pour it on! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  3. Nate says:

    On buttered popcorn!

  4. Todd Mintz says:

    I’d put it on bacon…duh! :.)

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  6. jill carrell says:

    On my naked body! I’m married and this would spice things up.

  7. Rob Barnhart says:

    Considering nothing could possibly be better than bacon hot sauce, I’m just drinking it straight out of the bottle!

  8. Bob says:

    I’d have to pour it inside a Chipoltle Barbacoa Burrito – talk about two universes colliding.

  9. Jeff Rogers says:

    Wow, those are my two favorite foods! I’d slather it all over a bacon, onion, pepper and cheddar cheese omelette!!

  10. Cathy Roberts says:

    I would put out on my table so anyone could use it on whatever they wanted to!

  11. I too think that bacon hot sauce makes everything better. It is a must with almost every meal I eat. I say almost because I sometimes eat out. Thanks for the bacon cheese balls recipe. Guess what I’m having tonight for dinner?

  12. Badotz says:

    Bacon hot sauce would leave room for more bacon on everything! Cupcakes, waffles, ice cream, brownies – it’s a Bacon Implosion™ for my bacon explosion!

  13. Aaron Montgomery says:

    It sounds delicious, but why is the combo package of two bottles more expensive than buying two separate bottles?

    Combo Package (2×5 oz bottles)=$11.99
    Two single 5 oz bottles=$11.98

  14. Tim Kellogg says:

    I’d inject my shoulder with it before I put it on the smoker

  15. Jason says:

    @Aaron – That’s a type-o, and thank you for pointing that out. It should be $10.99, which would give a $1.00 discount. We’ll get that changed!

  16. Wayne Brown says:

    As a famous hot sauce commercial would say… I’d put that —- on everything! But seriously, I think it’d go great in a Bloody Mary.

  17. Dylan Van Oosbree says:

    I’d put it on my grilled cheese sandwich, yum! It was nice to meet Mr. and Mrs. Explosion at the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

  18. Aaron Montgomery says:

    @Jason, great! That’s a good deal!

  19. Stu says:

    Where in Yakima Wa. Can I purchase this bacon hot sauce ?

  20. Ray Taber says:

    I would love to try this in my next batch of wing sauce…. Would also be fantastic on Oyster shooters… Maybe mix some with some homemade horseraddish sauce…. Mmmmm yea! Get it here NOW!