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Bacon Explosion Oven Recipe

OvenOkay, here’s the deal. BBQ Addicts in no way endorses the cooking of the Bacon Explosion in the oven. In fact, it kind of ticks us off a bit. It’s like putting ketchup on a steak. It’s like looking at a picture of Niagara Falls and saying you’ve been there. It’s like owning one of those electric bush trimmers and calling it a chainsaw. It’s like…well you get the point. However, with the massive amounts of email from our readers asking how to make it we have to give you the goods. Not everyone has a smoker. If you don’t we recommend getting a stovetop smoker before you do this method. That way you’ll still have the wonderful smoke flavor inside your Bacon Explosion.

(Note: we haven’t done this in the oven, and never will but this one looks good and from all accounts from people at this party, it was tasty.)

Oven based recipe and images from Jeana Cole:

To create the Bacon Explosion in the oven, prepare the recipe following the original instructions. Place a thermometer into the thickest part of the meat. Bake on a rack inside of a roasting pan, to allow the grease to drip. Bake at 375 degrees for one hour or until the internal temperature reads 165 degrees. Your oven-baked Bacon Explosion is mouth-watering and juicy! Enjoy!

Bacon Explosion OvenJeana Cole






An optional step I’d like to add, is to put it in the broiler for 5-10 minutes (that’s a guess) to crisp up the bacon on the outside if it’s not crisp enough for your liking. After you’re done with the oven version…go buy a smoker.

Thanks for your help Jeana!

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  1. Russell Leikis says:

    I absolutely agree! I would not do it without a smoker. For logistics reasons I had to smoke my Bacon Explosion on Saturday and then Sunday before the game I heated it up slowly in the oven (about 1 hour, 300 deg) and then glazed with the sauce. Even though I took care to keep it covered and such I don’t think it was as juicy as it could have been. I think there was also flavor loss from the bacon so it wasn’t a very bacon-y Bacon Explosion. Definitely more sausage taste than bacon. Glazing in the oven is also messy and hot. I won’t be making that mistake the next time. I would have been better buying my own smoker to avoid the logistics problem. ;)

    However, excellent job on the original recipe, it definitely deserves the fame!

  2. Aaron says:

    Yea, the oven isn’t quite the same, but it seems to be the red headed step child to the real Bacon Explosion. Seems like I saw lots of Flickr pics of oven baked ones that turned out okay. Gotta go for the smoke to get the real deal though!

  3. TEAMGREEN455 says:

    I made one on the ole weber for the Super Bowl and it was off the hook. I added a bulb of fresh chopped garlic and a 1/2 lb of cubed colby jack cheese . I shoulda used a whole pound of the cheese, now we know for next time.

  4. Jaron says:

    We had to cook ours in the oven, because the only other option was a mutant grill that you have to make demi-hourly sacrifices to the fire gods just to get it to stay on, and the only options are off or BURN BURN BURN.

    I think we just cooked it at the same temperature as was suggested in the original recipe, glazed it near the end, and it turned out very delicious with spicy italian sausage.

  5. Daniel says:

    i saw this recipe on GMA for just a split second and had to hunt it down. Once i found it, i knew i had to make one. i was over at my mom’s house, so the only option i had was to put it in the oven. we put it in at 250 degrees for about 2 hours or so, having rolled it over half way thru, and at the end we turned on the broiler to crisp up the bacon weave. we got distracted and the top of the bacon weave was completely black, would have sworn it was burnt to a crisp but was still tender and did not taste burnt at all. i used a sweet sausage and honey bbq for a very sweet turn out that everyone enjoyed. i WILL make this again and again

  6. Aaron says:


    Yea, I think it can be cooked at the regular temp for longer. I was initially concerned it would dry out and fall apart if it was oven cooked for that long. Glad it worked out though!

  7. Aaron says:


    Glad you liked it! The broiler can get a little tricky. You should try out a smoker, or even just a stovetop smoker if you can…it adds a whole new flavor!

  8. Matt Bray says:

    I too fell for the madness of the Bacon Explosion.
    The night before the game I loaded up the trusty Weber with mesquite charcoal and fired it off. After I reached proper temp, I stuck my smoker pot from a Little Chief on top of the coals. By the way, a round thermometer from a gas Weber mounts right to the top of the kettle lid. Just takes two minutes and a 1/4 drill bit. Not necessary mind you, I just like to know what temps I’m cooking on.
    I smoked that lucious loaf for around 4 hours at 350 until I hit my internal temp. Pulled it off and stuck it in a crock pot on low until game time. It lost just a little crispiness but not enough to really change the experience.
    Headed down to the local pub for Superbowl, and we all gorged on the chili cookoff entries, some smoking hot wings, and of course, the Bacon Explosion.

  9. sid says:

    Hey, this is like a birthday gift! Though bizarrely, I was JUST telling someone I’d only have the BE once in my life, so it’d damn well be made in a smoker!

    Maybe for 32 I’ll get myself a smoker…

    Nicely done, good sirs!

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  11. Bill says:

    I heard about the bacon explosion on the “Cigar Dave” show on sperbold sunday…. cool to actually SEE what it’s all about.

  12. Roux says:

    Cooked one today at work on the regular pit. Man-0-man is it good but you really can only handle one slice without stopping your heart.

  13. Jay says:

    Try this but with a mild ground chicken sausage, add cheese to the innards, call it a “fattie club” Serve sliced on sourdough bread with fresh tomato and lettuce, and your choice of condiments.

  14. Lando says:

    We had a propane BBQ and no smoker so what we did was turn the left burner off and the right one stayed on, we also placed a cedar plank soaked in maple syrup and water all day(clearly I am Canadian, and for a note don’t do this with Aunt Jemima’s you need real Maple Syrup) in the BBQ above the flames to give a little smoke… within two hours it was cooked and it had at least a semi-smoked flavor which made our Bacon Explosion one of the best I have had

  15. Aaron says:


    Good call with the soaked cedar plank, excellent idea (and of course real maple syrup, you don’t have to be Canadian to know that)!

    Glad you liked it!

  16. OTIFRANK says:

    Just a quick note to admit to the shame of making the oven based version of the BE this past weekend. I was just too daggone lazy to get out the grill/smoker so I caved and went with the oven version.

    The Oven BE came out pretty decent but I’m sure that it won’t compare to the proper version.

    Thanks for the grate recipe!

  17. It is like riding cowboy on a minature pony, inviting the boys over to watch Sex in the City… ummm, and a third thing. Even in an apartment you can fire up the BBQ on the balcony!

    Calling all sausage fans – and this seems like a pretty good place to find them! – what is the world’s best sausage?? Nominations being collated on and no US contenders yet – don’t let your country down!!

  18. Mad Max says:

    I made one for superbowl. I added a fine layer of finely shredded jack cheese on top of the fried bacon, and rolled it up. I also used Italian Sausage. It turned out awesome, other than clogging my arteries. My next adventure will be one with breakfast sausage and make breakfast sandwiches for a ski trip I am going on.

  19. Mad Max says:

    will keep you posted on future modifications

  20. Steve M says:

    I decided to try making this yesterday, and since I don’t have a smoker, I used a plank, so cooked super slowly on the BBQ. Probably wouldn’t pickup as much of the wood flavour this way, but it was groin-grabbingly good.

    Planked it for about 3 hours, and everyone was drooling when I brought it in. I also used stuff called mici (pronounced meech).. it’s a romanian sausage-style meat.

    I think I am in love with this website.

  21. Sebastian says:

    You can smoke VERY successfully IN THE OVEN using this little known technique:

    I can tell you that my Bacon Explosion tasted unreally awsome and that just because you don’t have a smoker in downtown Baltimore you should not be left out of the bacony goodness. Don’t be so narrow minded! Bacon for all!

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  23. Cookin Queen says:

    We are doing a first attempt of the bacon explosion after finding it only yesterday (and we are all amazed how well it worked – we were worried about rolling it but turns out it’s a lot easier than you anticipate it will be)… WE have added cheese and asparagus to the inside making for a much “chubbier” roll – Looks n smells awesome – Will let ya know how it finishes out – it’s in cooking right now. Photos have been taken as well … will do more when she comes out and is sliced – We used maple BBQ and HP on ours, and did it with honey garlic sausage … I LOVE THIS RECIPE!!! SO many possible variations – THANKS FOR SHARING IT!!!

  24. Cookin Queen says:

    Dinner was fabulous, and doing it with honey garlic sausage and maple BBQ sauce made for an unusually SWEET MEAT dinner … asparagus was crispy but cooked – cheese even stayed inside of it = cooked it at 250 for 2 hours. up to 300 for 20 min and then broil for 10 … And there were 3 of us eating – and there is ONE serving left. 2 packages of bacon, 3 packages of sausage, half a pound of cheese, and a full bunch of Asparagus. THANK YOU … I’m sure it will be done again!

  25. Robert says:

    Has anyone tried doing this in the oven and using a little bit of LIQUID SMOKE mixed with the BBQ sauce?

    I know I know get a smoker… Well I plan on it in 3-4 months. I know I know get a stovetop model. While it is a great idea I don’t feel I want to run the risk of having my small apartment filled with smoke. While the majority of the reviews have been good for the Cameron stovetop smoker and for the most part people are pleased I just don’t want to run the risk at this time.

    So has anyone tried LIQUID SMOKE to add that smokey flavor to it?


  26. Rusty says:

    If you’re looking to add that smoke flavor you’re missing in the oven then you should try making your own BBQ sauce with liquid smoke to top it off with.

    Try my re-creation of this classic!

  27. The Cap says:

    This should be renamed “Bomba del Puerco” – The mexican bacon explosion.

  28. Sean says:

    I need to transport this about 2 hours away to cook. Has anyone or does anyone think it would be a bad idea to prepare the night (or 2 nights ahead of time)and then transport too smoke?

  29. Melissa says:

    Having a campfire this week – what technique would I need to use to cook to the right temp over the fire without being completely burned up? Would I wrap in foil? On put in a covered/uncovered cast iron pan? Any idea how long it would take to cook with this method?

  30. Jason says:

    It’s going to depend on how hot your fire is. Put it in a location where the temperature is 25-300 degrees. And definitely cook it offset, that way bacon grease doesn’t drip on your fire.

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