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Food Photography: Surf and Turf

Food PhotographyFor the first time in a very long time, my wife and I both had free schedules the other weekend. Our way of relaxing is taking a trip to the local farmers market and gourmet meat shop to hand pick the ingredients for a fine meal. As soon as we laid eyes on the fresh lobster tails resting on a bed of crushed ice in the seafood cooler, we knew that a hearty surf and turf dinner was in our immediate future.

The entire meal was cooked on my trusty Weber Kettle Grill. The steaks were prepared using the “Honey-Seared Black Pepper Filet” recipe found in our newly released cookbook BBQ Makes Everything Better. The lobster tails were split lengthwise and then basted with a melted compound butter as they cooked. And the asparagus spears were seared and coated with a spicy balsamic glaze. It was an absolutely magnificent dinner, and a great way to celebrate a weekend with nothing to do!

Steak and Lobster
Steak and Lobster
Photo Credit: Megan Day

To see more photos of our Surf and Turf dinner, login to the members forum using the password found in our book BBQ Makes Everything Better.

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