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Food Photography: Grilled Rib Eyes

Food PhotographyFather’s Day was last weekend, and I spent the day with my dad doing what fathers and sons do best…grilling steaks! My entire family is hooked on Fast Eddies Steak Seasoning, so our rib eyes were simply prepared with a dusting of this magical blend of herbs and spices. No marinades, no sauces, no toppings, just perfectly seared beef seasoned to perfection! Toss in some grilled balsamic grilled asparagus spears and a few roasted red peppers, and you’ve got a meal worthy of holiday!

Food Photography
Photo Credit: Megan Day

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  1. Kevin says:

    Food photography is all about color. I always love a hint of green on top of a dish; it just makes it look so much fresher. Red helps too; gives the dish character which it would otherwise lack.

    How unappetizing would this rib eye steak look if it wasn’t complemented by the green of the asparagus and the red of the peppers!

  2. Barbara says:

    It looks yummy.

  3. wow, i never had any type of beef with No marinades, no sauces, no toppings…. i am going to try it. Nice post. Also I am planning to buy your book, this site rocks. Keep up the posts about beef, love reading them while im in red lights on my iphone :-)