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Food Photography: Painted Hills Natural Beef

Painted Hills Natural BeefOur friends at Painted Hills Natural Beef recently hooked us up with a couple of monster sized rib eye steaks to toss on the grill. When I say monster sized, I’m not kidding. These things were easily pushing two inches thick, and were heavy enough to do bicep curls with. To prepare these beasts for the flame, I soaked them overnight in the marinade mixture from our Honey-Seared Black Pepper Filet recipe in our book BBQ Makes Everything Better. Just before lighting the grill I removed the steaks from the marinade liquid, seasoned all sides with kosher salt and cracked black pepper, and left them to rest on the counter.

Each steak was seared over high direct heat on both sides, and then moved to a medium indirect heat until they reached a medium-rare doneness. They were served with a side of cheesy potato casserole and a pile of grilled asparagus seasoned with Fast Eddie’s Steak Seasoning.

The honey within the marinade caramelized nicely on the grill to create mildly sweet crust that was accentuated by the kosher salt. The inside of the steak was velvety smooth and just melted in my mouth. Another magnificent dinner!

Painted Hills Natural Beef
Photo Credit: Megan Day

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  1. Chris says:

    That’s no 1″ steak, is it? Heck, if it was any bigger it would cease being a ribeye and become a rib roast! Nice cook.

  2. Jason says:

    @Chris – No, it was closer to 2 inches thick. It was a monster!