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BBQ Addicts Instagram Account

BBQ Addicts InstagramDo you know about our BBQ Addicts Instagram account? Over the last two years we’ve strung together a rather intense competition cooking schedule. And while we love competing on the professional BBQ circuit, the workload hasn’t left a whole lot of free time for blogging activities. Instead, we’ve been using alternate social media avenues to help keep our followers up-to-date on our barbecue happenings. Instagram has turned out to be one of our favorite social networks for quick and easy posts. Not only is it convenient, but it allows folks to see exactly what we’re up to. I can use my phone to snap a quick picture of whatever barbecue related activity we have going on and instantly share it with the world. It gives you a behind the scenes view of our Burnt Finger BBQ competition team events, recipe development activities, and the rest of our barbecue addicted world!

If you’re an Instagram user, then please join us over on the official BBQ Addicts Instagram account. This is by no-means a declaration of a dying blog, but simply an invitation to join us on all of social media platforms. Although, be forewarned that by following our BBQ Addicts Instagram you will be exposing yourself to copious amounts of mouthwatering delicious barbecue. We’re not responsible for hunger pains or loss of self control induced by the imagery on our account! Here’s a little sample of what to expect:

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