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Free StuffPerhaps the most eloquent description of the 4th of July was delivered by Apu from The Simpsons when he muttered to Homer: “What better way to celebrate the birth of your country then by blowing up a small piece of it!” It just so happens that I agree with Apu, but he failed to mention to the other two ingredients for successful 4th…barbecue and booze. We’d love to be able to ship you a case of Bakon Vodka and artillery shells, but Federal regulations prevail. Instead, we’re hooking you up with some barbecue related freebies, courtesy of Sara Lee, to make sure your Independence Day meat feast goes off with a bang!

Just in time for peak grilling season, Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Wheat Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns made with Whole Grain joins the ever expanding lineup of Sara Lee buns. Featuring the hallmarks of the Soft & Smooth line (soft texture, great taste and whole grain nutrition), these buns are a must have for your holiday cookout.

Sara Lee

Lucky for you, Sara Lee has hooked us up with enough buns to stock the party of 5 lucky visitors of our site. To select the winners, we’re holding The Ceramic Chicken Head caption contest. Simply leave a comment below with your best caption or quote describing the photo. There’s no limit on the number of times you can enter, so feel free to comment away!!!

Drunken Chicken Heads

We’ll be picking our favorite entries on the morning of Friday June 26th, so the winners can expect their Soft & Smooth buns to arrive the following week. Good luck!

UPDATE – Congrats to our winners!!! You’ll be receiving an email shortly to confirm your shipping information.

Grand Champion: Jeremy
The “Real Housewives of Kansas City” really need to lay off the tanning beds.

Reserve Grand Champion: Captain Ron
“This is the LAST time we buy tickets from a scalper! When he said he had hot seats for us this is NOT what I expected!”

Honorable Mention: Angela
So this is what we look like after a beer chemical peel.

Honorable Mention: Nate
The only way to make Budwiser taste good.

Honorable Mention: E3PIN0
What happens on the grill…stays on the grill

Thanks to everyone who participated! Keep an eye on our blog for more great contests!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    The “Real Housewives of Kansas City” really need to lay off the tanning beds.

  2. Dave Gupton says:

    So this is what a hot steaming can “o” beer up your butt feels like “NICE”

  3. Angela says:

    Hey amigo, do you think we look like foster farm chickens???

  4. Angela says:

    Ohh man how did are drunk asses end up in mexico??

  5. drnappy says:

    Ay Carumba, that Ployboys Rub smells good but its spf must not be very high.

  6. The Three Caballeros realized that their thrones were a bit too tight…ayeee!!!

  7. Robert King says:

    We are the Three Amigos….uhhh!

  8. HankBob says:

    Chicks dig a golden brown tan but this is ridiculous!!!

  9. Captain Ron says:

    “This is the LAST time we buy tickets from a scalper! When he said he had hot seats for us this is NOT what I expected!”

  10. e3pin0 says:

    Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!

  11. e3pin0 says:

    What happens on the grill…stays on the grill

  12. GAQT466 says:

    Dude, turn up the a/c I’m getting hot!

  13. GAQT466 says:

    Anybody else hungry? I could go for one of those Bacon Explosions.

  14. Angela says:

    So this is what we look like after a beer chemical peel..

  15. alisha wilbert says:

    All I remember is waking up between these two chicks. What a party!

  16. Andrew R. says:

    Wherever there is injustice, you will find us.
    Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there.
    Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find…
    The Three Amigos!

  17. Andrew R. says:

    Colonel Sanders? He kicked the bucket years ago.

  18. Andrew R. says:

    Uhhh do you guys smell something?

  19. Andrew R. says:

    HO HO HO… Grilled Chicken!

  20. Andrew R. says:

    Dude! I thought we were going to Hooters?!!?

  21. Chris says:

    Hey, Donald, you are what they say “off the cob”. You know, corny.

  22. David Holcomb says:

    Ok we didn’t mind the beer can but did you have to cook us?

  23. Angela says:

    KFC called and said they need us for thier grilled chicken buckets..

  24. Nate says:

    The only way to make Budwiser taste good.

  25. Linda Cunningham says:

    This new spray-on tan looks great, but these stools are for the birds.

  26. chilebrown says:

    This is the last time I go drinking with you two turkeys!

  27. Jeanetta says:

    Invited over for beer and BBQ and find out we are the main course!

  28. Mare says:

    Three smokin’ dudes seek Soft and Smooth buns to recline upon during dinner; seek short term relationship with long term satisfaction.

  29. drnappy says:

    I told you Amigos to bring sunglasses, but noooooo…..

  30. Jason says:

    It was a tough choice, but the decision has been made. Congrats to all our winners!!! Enjoy your Sara Lee Soft & Smooth buns this 4th of July!!!

  31. Janet Herrera says:

    Lucy said”Fred get me another beer, Ethel is it hot in here?

  32. Janet Herrera says:

    Hey, I saw a guy drink his beer while it was straped to his hat, Now that’s crazy!

  33. Janet Herrera says:

    When they said grill us I thought
    they meant get information, ya and can-it meant shut-up.

  34. Janet Herrera says:

    Okay be honest, does this make me look fat?