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Free Stuff: Memorial Day Grill Giveaway

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Free StuffWith spring in full gear, and summer coming fast, your grilling season should already be well underway. At this point the only valid excuse for not partaking in your first outdoor cook of the season is because you simply don’t own a grill or smoker. Lucky for you, Sam’s Club has stepped up and given us a grill to give away to one lucky backyard chef. Consider it a free jump-start to get your summer barbecue back on track!

Not only will you be cooking outside, but you’ll also be cooking in style with this stainless steel, cherry red patio grill from Sam’s Club. This year’s model features 33% more cooking space, and also hooks into a full size liquid propane tank to keep you burning hot all summer long. It’s mounted on sturdy wheels for easy movement and storage. You’ll also be receiving a custom cover to keep the grill in tip-top shape when not in use.

Patio Grill

Retail value of $199.86

To get qualified to win, simply let us know what your favorite barbecue meal is by posting a comment below or on our Facebook fan page. It can be as simple as grilled chicken or burgers, or as complex as smoked crown roast or seared prime rib. The type of recipe has no bearing on your chance of winning, we just want to get you into summer grilling mindset.

To get the creative juices flowing, we’ll start things off by naming a recipe created by our friend Larry Gaian from The BBQ Grail. MOINK Balls are smoked bacon-wrapped meatballs (Moo + Oink = MOINK). We love Larry’s recipe so much that we even included in our book BBQ Makes Everything Better, and you can bet that we’ll be celebrating World MOINK Ball Day on June 5th by cooking up a fresh batch of these tasty morsels of meat!

Photo Credit: Megan Day

Feel free to include your recipe in your post so others can enjoy the meal you love so much. The winner will be selected at random over Memorial Day weekend. Good luck!

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  1. Todd Mintz says:

    A friend of mine has a vacation house on Puget Sound. When I’ve gone there before, we would walk down to the beach and pick oysters. We’d then drop them straight on the grill. I don’t remember what dipping sauce we’d use (probably several) but they were friggin’ awesome.

  2. Karen Walker says:

    Grilled shrimp and scallop kabobs with veggies. Ribs, too.

  3. Rick says:

    My favorite grill item would have to be a big steak that marinated overnight – medium rare with the edges blackened. Best use of a grill, in my mind. Grilled veggies make a good side.

  4. Christy Reid says:

    Baby back ribs smothered in Stubbs honey pecan bbq sauce is my favorite meal! I can’t wait for my husband to get home from deployment overseas so that we can make this yummy dish.

  5. Larry J King says:

    Favorite meal Burnt ends with smoked sausage, cole slaw and jalapeno’s wrapped in bacon. Strawberry cobbler for dessert.
    Preparing moink balls on Monday 31st for a wedding.

  6. Anson Kennedy says:

    I have two grill favorites. The first is a nice 1.5″ steak (ribeye or NY strip) marinated overnight in a sauce of my own devising. The second is a Jamaican jerk chicken.

  7. Mike says:

    Can’t beat Pulled Pork!

  8. joey ticzon says:

    My favorite BBQ Meal would have to be Marinated Pork Shoulder or Marinated Korean short ribs. I can eat that every day!!

  9. Sheldon says:

    asparagus and porterhouse, medium-rare, and some homemade brew! i am in the mood for a LOT of summer grilling!!!

  10. I love a good seasoned rib eye! I also LOVE a BBQ turkey, yummy!

  11. Annie says:

    Salmon on beer soaked cedar planks marinated in a “Annie” special blend. Or, a big ole sirloin cooked medium rare marinated only 2 hours so not to take away the tast of the cow that gave it up for us!. Or, Chicken cobb burgers, topped with blue cheese. Or, bbq chicken, or pork butt, cooked slow and low! ect. ect….

  12. Carolyn Barnett says:

    I can’t choose just 1 .Baby back BBQ ribs,Polish sasuage,brauts,hamburgers,Hot dogs,Steaks,Pork Chops! YUMMY!!!!

  13. Julie Cutshaw says:

    my favorite barbecue meal is pork chops , grilled corn on the cob & baked potatoe thanks awesome grill!
    sewitupjulie at gmail dot com

  14. Jeff Selle says:

    Stuffed bacon-wrapped peppers are awesome on the grill. You can stuff them with whatever you want really. I usually start with jalapenos and sweet peppers and halve them lengthwise to create a “boat.” I put a couple fresh bay shrimp in the bottom, and then cover with cream cheese and chives. wrap them in bacon and skewer them with a tooth pick similar to the “moink balls” above. Toss them on a 300-350 degree grill (preferably a charcoal grill with some wood smoke, i like cherry wood for these) and cook for about 30 minutes or until the peppers are at the desired texture… serve as an appetizer or a side dish to any BBQ meal

  15. Amy says:

    Fresh caught wild Alaskan salmon with a light soy-ginger marinade, the best meal off the grill ever.

  16. Tim says:

    tri-tip for the win !!!!!!

  17. curt johnson says:

    I used to live in San Diego, but have lived in CO for almost 3 years now. When I lived in San Diego, I would go out for a nice dusk patrol surf session for a few hours and was completely starving when I got home. While surfing I would have a flank steak marinating in Pacifico, teriyaki sauce and a few other ingredients to complete it, then throw it on the grill for a nice searing.

    I developed this recipe in the Summer months in San Diego and still make it today. The recipe reminds me of the fun Summer months to come and memories that will be made during this grilling season. Everytime I make this recipe here in Colorado, I think back to Summer time in San Diego, with beach grilling and all around great memories.

    CJ’s Dusk Patrol Teriyaki Flank Steak: http://www.gamedayeats.com/recipes/details.php?rid=319

  18. Greg Talley says:

    Love pulled pork

  19. Thomas A Hagerty says:

    I like to go with a couple of nicely marbled porterhouse steaks. I baste them with some good, quality olive oil and sprinkle on some coarse sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, and some freshly minced garlic. After an hour or so in the marinade I let them come up to room temperature before laying some nice grill marks on them while they arrive at a perfect medium rare. Serve with some rice and fresh grilled seasonal veggies and, voila, the perfect meal on a beautiful summer night in my opinion!

    Now I went and made myself hungry typing this up! :)

  20. Ben Cook says:

    It might sound like sucking up, but I LOVE me some bacon explosion. It’s pretty much always my first option at any BBQ.

  21. John Jordan says:

    BBQ Chicken is where it’s at in my book. Can’t forget the potatoes, and corn as well.

  22. Chris says:

    I like a good pork tenderloin smoked with corn, carrots, and potatoes. I usually wrap 2 of them in individual foil add the CC&P and let them smoke until I’m so hungry from smellin’ it I can’t stand it no more. Season it to taste, I usually use pepper & Kroger’s brand Zesty blend seasoning. Couple squirts of lemon don’t hurt, and every once in awhile throw your favorite BBQ sauce in there. Happy Grillin’!

  23. Sean Dolan says:

    I had the bacon explosion @saffyre9 made, which was awesome. I look forward to making some MOINK’s soon. Just ordered the book.

  24. Chase says:

    Mine has to be Carolina style pulled pork sandwiches. Makin’ me hungry.

  25. Gretchen Erle says:

    I love the Drunken Chicken recipe. We’ve gotten pretty awesome at making the perfect wings though, and done an impressive Boston Butt on the smoker as well to do up some pulled pork sandwiches. So I guess the pulled pork is my favorite. We did a dry rub with standard spices, then smoked all day and then made three diff sauces: honey/sweet, Carolina, and spicy-hot. I wish I had some BBQ right. this. minute. :)

  26. raygenocage says:

    I like to cook a toasted asian sesame chicken, then i begin grilling some polish or italian sausages. When they’re almost cooked, wrap them in bacon, let them cook some more, make a batter, then deep-fry them. You can also do this without the batter, but the bacon becomes very crispy and some people don’t like that. Of course you want cut an onion in half and put it in that toasted asian sesame marinade for a while and put that on the grill, brushing it and the chicken in the marinade constantly.

  27. Average Jane says:

    Barbecued ribs if I’m going all out. The rest of the time, I’m good with the old standby: hot dogs and hamburgers.

  28. John Heaney says:

    dry rubbed pork tenderloin. Quick, inexpensive and tasty.

  29. paperclip says:

    Steaks with Montreal Steak Spice (that’s all they need!), marinated lamb chops (Mediterranean style) and slow s-l-o-w ribs

  30. Jennifer says:

    I love grilling out in the Spring and Summer! One of my favorite meals has to be pesto chicken wrapped in bacon, served with crusty bread and a sun dried tomato butter, Yum!

  31. Michelle says:

    My childhood favorite is still my favorite today–barbecued chicken drumsticks. :-)

  32. Fred W. says:

    Smoked pork butt, with my own dry rub and bbq sauce. Nothing better than a pork butt smothered with your own creation!

  33. SmokeInDaEye says:

    Lobster Stuffed Filet Mignon with a Red Wine and Bing Cherry Reduction. Topped with bacon.

  34. STW says:

    Pork butt cooked over hickory served with vinegar sauce and slaw on a good hamburger bun.

  35. Chris says:

    While I do love a prime rib fire roasted in my Egg, my all time favorite has to be pulled pork.

  36. Eric says:

    Slow cooked St. Louis spare ribs.. BRB, cooking!

  37. Rich Reisz says:

    My favortite summertime meal starts with smoking up a nice bacon explosion. I like rolling up a few sliced Jalepenos in mine…
    Once it is done, and has had a few minutes to rest, I slice it into 3/4″ pieces, top it with some Sweet Baby Ray’s, pepper jack cheese, fresh sliced tomato from my garden, and eat it like a burger on a nice Sara Lee corn dusted bun. Best burger ever.
    If my appetite allows for it, I also make a mean batch of grilled potatoes (around here we call them “creek Fries”- I don’t know the origin of the name, but I assure you we don’t use a creek….

  38. Anton says:

    I like grilled bacon wrapped smokies kinda like moink balls but made with smokies and sprinkled with brown sugar. Before serving I baste with Uncle Sunny’s Special Blend then eat!

  39. Dwayne says:

    Pork w/ the little burnt ends, Yum.

  40. Kevin Benson says:

    Boudin stuffed Pork Tenderloin and spicy Creole Shrimp Kabobs! Yayeeee!

  41. Greg says:

    i love cooking a 36 oz. sirloin that i get at a restaurant i cook at but taste so much better over charcoal

  42. John Krehbiel says:

    I love baby back ribs! But I also really enjoy wild turkey poppers. Half fresh jalapeno filled with cream cheese, wrapped with strip of wild turkey, and then wrapped with bacon. Stick em with a toothpick, throw on the grill and enjoy!

  43. Amy Streko says:

    My favorite BBQ meal is Hotdog with ketchup and sauerkraut, cole slaw, macaroni salad and corn on the cob. Thanks for making me hungry now!

  44. Rich says:

    I’ve tried the Bacon Explosion and it was great. However my favorite grilling item is simple cheeseburgers.

  45. Chris says:

    Turducken. Or grilled pineapple.

  46. gcdaz says:

    Gotta be prime ribeyes rubbed in crushed black pepper with lightly charred, sugar and salt brined sweet corn (with fresh butter).

  47. Eric says:

    I love to grill a pork tenderloin with a nice marinade (teriyaki or something with a little heat). I also will put coarsely cut vegatables in a foil bag, red onions, potataoes, corn, and green and red peppers, with butter and garlic herb seasoning. The food steams with the bits on the outside getting nicely carmalized from the heat.

  48. scott bresette says:

    A good ribeye with cajun seasoning on it with some bacon wrap asparagus

  49. Beth Anne says:

    Oh there are so many choices! If I’m not cooking for someone else, I will almost always fall back on skewered BBQ shrimp and zucchini spears. Its just a perfect summer meal on the grill!

  50. Chad Ritter says:

    Get a 12 # pork butt, rub it down with your favorite dry rub. Then cover it in yellow mustard, I mean COVER IT!! put it on the smoker for 12 hours @ 225 and when it reaches internal temp of 180, take it off wrap in foil, then an old towel, place in a clean dry empty ice chest for 1 hour. Then take it inside and pull it apart, PULL IT.. top with a little salt and pepper, makes 20+- sammies, oh yeah!! Top the pulled pork with your fav BBQ sauce and cole slaw.. UNFREAKINBELIEVABLE!!

  51. Linda says:

    pork steaks!

  52. Tom Chalfant says:

    Slow smoked brisket, especially the burnt ends, and corn pudding… hard to find something better.

  53. Brandon Banks says:

    I like to marinade packer brisket over night in layers of dry rub and mustard. Then smoke it for about an hour a lbs or till it hits 200 to 210. Wrap it and let it cool down slow in an cooler for at least and hour then carve it up and enjoy. Its a great way to spend a day and better way to make friends :D

  54. Phil S says:

    Alaskan salmon on a cedar plank.
    The grill looks great!

  55. mare says:

    Beer brats, almost burned hotdogs, and pepper jack cheeseburgers!

  56. Jessi says:

    I’ve always been a lover of ribs in all shapes and sizes so I’ll have to go with that!! Just starting out cooking them myself so not exactly sure of a good recipe but I always loved when my Dad BBQed them :)

  57. Bryan Mecom says:

    Cavender Chicken

  58. Jay Perdue says:

    My favorite grilling meal is ribs. Gotta love it

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  60. RON PAUL says:


  61. Debbie2008 says:


  62. brian says:

    My favorite on the grill would have to be bacon spaceships. These are jalapenos hollowed out and stuffed with cream cheese. Then wrap them with bacon and throw on the grill. When they are almost done put a slice of cheddar on them and let that melt and then enjoy. Also, great with a small slice of rib eye added inside the jalapeno.

  63. Helen says:

    My favorite thing to BBQ is steak, a nice porterhouse, with corn on the cob, sliced potatoes, garlic, butter, salt and pepper in a wrap of tin foil. also in tin foil, validalia onions sliced with garlic and butter, salt and pepper. all on the grill. sounds like a gormet meal to me. just writting this is making me hungary.

  64. Mike Harrison says:

    Ribs!!! Pork ribs or beef ribs, I just love me some smoked ribs!!!!

  65. Big James says:

    I would settle for just the SMELL of a charcoal bbq, but add a huge porterhouse steak and I’d be in heavan. Living in a small NYC apartment for the past 5 years, and just moving to the suburbs, I can’t wait for summer BBQ season to begin, and this grill would jumpstart it instantly!

  66. Josann312 says:

    My favorite meal on the grill would have to be bbq ribs with grilled pineapple slices and honey baked beans!! YUM! Bacon wrapped shrimp is also a fav of mine!! :)

  67. Andy says:

    Steak, chicken (any flavors, burgers, dogs, veggies, the occasional pizza, and of course, the Bacon Explosion!

  68. Gil says:

    Pork butts: Dry rub with Kosher salt, brown sugar, other spices. Plastic wrapped in fridge for 24 hrs. Smoked with maple, chery, mesquite chips soaked in apple juice. Smoke low temp (225)for 8-10hrs, spritz with apple juice when putting in more chips. I prefer to move it to a foil roaster pan, add more apple juice to pan a cover with foil. Raise temp to 250 for another 6-8hrs. Use large stiff spatula or plate to remove from roaster pan as the roast will fall apart if you try to lift it out by any other means.

    Pork fat rules!

  69. Rich Yarges says:

    Spare Ribs. Rubbed down the night before and BBQ’d slow and low for 6-8 hours. Fall off the bone goodness!

  70. Julie Wilber says:

    Burgers and Brats!

  71. Danielle Borland says:

    It’s a toss up between ribs or cooking a turkey using the rotiessere attachment. I just have the butcher take the breast bones out of the turkey and then tie it up for me. Put it on the grill with just a few seasonings and what a nice change of pace for cooking turkey. Yum!

  72. Laura Young says:

    Marinated pork loin with grilled squash and zucchini. Another Favorite is scallop kabobs with fresh garden vegetables. Yum!

  73. Matthew Gerber says:

    Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip (medium rare, please), with the requisite camp beans and garlic bread. Add some grilled corn-on-the-cob and asparagus to class the thing up right. Gawd I’m hungry right now!

  74. ken miller says:

    beer butt chicken is one of my all time favs.But low and slow bbq ribs comes in second

  75. Chilebrown says:

    My favorite barbeque meal is a bone-in ribeye. The only seasoning is fresh cracked pepper and sea salt. It is grilled over a hot mesquite fire. Simple and delish.

  76. Drew says:

    Burgers! I blend in avacado and cheese and whatever spices I have on had at the time. Pair that up with some broccoli roasted with oil and pepper and a few beers and you have a meal.

  77. adrian says:

    BBQ chicken is our family favorite!

  78. Carolyn says:

    Anything on the grill is wondermousand makes everything better, even meatloaf! I do love me some smoked country style boneless pork ribs, turkey and twice smoked ham! My all time FAV is a whole hog cooked on shag bark hickory! Yummy!

  79. annalene says:

    Ever since I was a kid I loved grilled corn. All the meats were things I could have any time, but corn reminded me the most of summer.

  80. Ashley B says:

    Okay,I know it’s not anything fancy. But, I still love throwing on some burgers and hotdogs while we enjoy the summer sunset and a cold glass of tea.

  81. Aaron Martin says:

    Rib-Eye Steak

  82. chuck says:

    Ribeye and scallop kabobs with grilled asparagus.

  83. Amanda Mills says:

    My favorite grilling meat would be All. I love ANYTHING thats grillable to be grilled.

  84. Chris Bennett says:

    Steak and shrimp!!!!

  85. Dan Perry says:

    BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches

  86. Tam Rutenber says:

    Buffalo Chicken Sausages cooked low and slow so they don’t split….let cool, slice, put on top of a bleu cheese salad with tons of fresh veggies (gotta put some carrots and celery in there) and bleu cheese dressing….yuuummmm

  87. Kendall Buller says:

    My favorite is grilling hamburgers stuffed with cream cheese and minced jalapeños.

  88. Andrea Farmer says:

    Grilled romaine lettuce with Ceasar salad fixins or another favorite salad I make is also grilled- I put a loaf of rustic French bread and grill it until toasty & golden, grill some Roma tomatoes until a little charred, then cut both into bite sizes and tossin a bowl with mini-size balls of fresh mozzarella, fresh cracked black pepper and sea salt and a little balsamic vinagrette. Delicious! Grilled corn on the cob with a little cumin-spiced butter is another summery favorite! We really need a grill so we don’t have to drive over to my parents to grill our dinner! ;-). Please pick us!

  89. matt t says:

    sausage and cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped jalepenos. chuck ‘em on the grill then pop ‘em in your mouth. the devils snacks.

  90. Rob Haywood says:

    Grilled Turkey cut in half, basted with Garlic, Lemon Butter to start and then after an hour and again at the end. Served with baked potatoes or Yams cooked on bottom rack.

  91. Chris says:

    Flank steak!

  92. tpuig says:

    Sometimes the simplest things are best. Just some nice juicy Italian sausage and nice thick 1/3 pound burgers. Couple pieces of bacon of course…

  93. paula kapelski says:

    My favorite thing to grill is sams club hamburgers and pork chops they are sooo yummy and the best! im liking ya on facebook too :)

  94. Deborah Haseltine says:

    I love everything grilled…even poundcake~! but, my fave is fresh pineapple…I mix melted butter, a shake or two of sea salt and 1 tbl honey and brush then as they cook….heavenly!

  95. Jim Chincholl says:

    I love a beautiful grilled blackend ahi tuna steak along with some cajun grilled shrimp as an appetizer

  96. Chris Stover says:

    My choice would be my #1 favorite food wrapped around my #2 favorite food…. Bacon wrapped filet mignon :) Also, tri-tip, linguica, and San Luis Sourdough are another favorite.

  97. Brian says:

    I please the crowds (and myself) with baby back ribs on the smoker 3-2-1 method. Works every time and its on the menu for
    Memorial Day. Yum.

  98. Sean Brett says:

    The best BBQ grilled item is BBQ bacon wrapped shrimp/prawns. It’s the same deal as your MOINK Balls but with shrimp/prawns instead of meatballs.

    It’s a great and unexpected addtion to any cook out.

  99. Rob Haywood says:

    Turkey cut in half marinated in garlic lemon butter grilled on low and basted every half hour with the garlic lemon butter. Served with Baked potatoes or Yams and broccoli with cheese sauce.

  100. Kelly says:

    Everything cooked on a grill is better. I love chicken that has been marinated in a teriyaki sauce with grilled pineapples.

  101. vic says:

    Brown sugar rubbed smoked salmon, or maybe pulled smoked turkey sandwiches, no maybe slow smoked bbq brisket or pulled pork or maybe spare ribs…decisions, decisions.

  102. Tony says:

    Marinated Steaks and chicken breasts, diced seasoned potatoes.

  103. CJ Reilley says:

    MEAT, i don’t care what kind.

  104. Patti says:

    Grilled today – cheese-stuffed sausages and corn on the cob – awesome!

  105. mudogah says:

    Bacon wrapped prime rib. My son is the Bar-B-Que expert of the family.

  106. Ann Lewis says:

    Grilled Honey BBQ chicken. Grilled Veggies, and last but not least Grilled Strawberries on a biscut with honey drizzles over it.. Yummy..

  107. anonymoid says:

    MEAT, any kind will do….tho i am partial to a yummy tbone :-)

  108. Wagtube says:

    Pulled pork with Bud Byron’s Butt Rub. Mopped with a special sauce and served NC style.

  109. Amy Brewer says:

    Yummy..Thinking of all these recipies is making me hungry. I just love the heinz barbeque sauce with my burgers. I put the sauce in a baggie and throw the meat in then leave it for about 20 min in the fridge and put on my old charcoal grill. Love it. Simple and good..

  110. Jeff says:

    I would have to say Baby Backs… one of my favorite

  111. Rodney B says:

    Ribs, Ribs, and more ribs. You can’t go wrong with that. However, the bottom of my grill just fell out last week. So, I won’t be having any- anytime soon… I would love to win this one!! I don’t see any cash in the budget to get another one anyime in future. Happy Memorial Day!

  112. Jimster says:

    A brinned pork loin wrapped with maple bacon with homemade baked beans with taters and onions in a foil wrap washed down with ice cold Augustiner..

  113. Richard Tomblin says:

    The best grilled food is the home made version of Apple B’s Monterey Jack BBQ Chicken.

    How would I prepare it on this Nice grill to win it. I would Grill up some BBQ chicken and cover it with monterey jack cheese topped with grilled bell peppers and onions. BUT That is not all! It would be served with BBQ southern Ribs, grilled corn, and grilled potato. AND if that was not enough, a large 20+ ounce steak to be served among everyone at the party for winning the grill.

    This would be the perfect summer get together for friends and family!!!

  114. Beth Elder says:

    I like pork – pulled and roasted with sauce!!!

  115. arsenio says:

    Cheese and jalapeno stuffed white wing dove breasts wrapped in mesquite smoked bacon!!!!! Yep, i’m from deep south Tejas!!!!

  116. Diane says:

    Rib eye steak marinated in garlic, soy sauce, olive oil, black pepper and oregano, baked potatoes and crisp salad.

  117. Rodney says:

    just tried the baon explosion yesterday. it was ggggrrrreeeaaattt………..

  118. Tim says:

    Low and slow grillin’ of most anything is pork or beef is awesome but I’ve been trying to act more Aussie-like lately by putting some shrimp on the barby!

  119. Ken Middendorf says:

    Slow cooking a eye of round roast with french onion soup mix. Wrap the meat in multiple layer of tin foil after adding one package of onion soup mix, dry. Slow cook for 6 to 8 hours and enjoy!

  120. My favorite is John Kass’s Beer Can Chicken. You just stick your favorite can of opened beer inside the standing on its legs chicken an let steam cook until done.

  121. Carolyn says:

    Did we ever get a winner or have I missed it somewhere??

  122. Lori H says:

    Ribeye steak & grilled veggies! Yum Yum!

  123. George says:

    Bacon wrapped schrimp, with honey BBQ Sauce

  124. DebLou says:

    My fav is smoked prime rib, grill baked potatoes and musrooms on the grill, as well.

  125. Audrey says:

    bacon-wrapped shrimp (on a skewer) brushed with barbecue sauce—SO DELICIOUS!

  126. Dale says:

    I love to grill chicken thighs, peaches and bananas. Great summertime meal that is easy to do.

  127. Greg Gubics says:

    Maple syrup smoked pork tenderloin. Marinate the tenderloin for 24hrs in the maple syrup, then smoke it over apple-wood chips. Super tasty.

  128. Schmidty says:

    I love smoking pork loin wrapped in a weave of bacon strips. And fresh veggies grilled on the pit (especially brussels sprouts!)

  129. Fred says:

    grilled fish

  130. Richard godfrey says:

    My favorite is pork tenderloins that is allowed to marinate overnite them placed on a grill at a low heat. I especially like using propane to charcoal because you can adjust the heat.

  131. Eddy j barbre says:

    Burgers!!! Moose,wild goat,deer,salmon,cow burgers with cheese

  132. Helen Dunphy says:

    Good old American Hot Dogs and Hamburgers. Potatoe salad. On the side

  133. Cecilia says:

    I enjoy ribeyes and living in South Texas and having access to fresh vegetables means grilling always includes yellow squash, zucchini, and corn on the cob.

  134. alonzo says:

    I love to smoke briskets or pork roasts. And I also love to grill steaks, burgers, kabobs and even chicken wings and fish on the grill are so delicious.

  135. Ken Sorenson Sr. says:

    Enjoy most any pig parts on the grilll , and kind of partial to my beer can chicken too!

  136. Kelli says:

    stuffed jalapenos for sure

  137. Bill says:

    when I was 5 or 6 years old, my grandfather’s grilled sirloin steaks, bone-in. I wish they would bring back bone-in sirloins!

  138. Yvoone Precht says:

    chicken hamburger and hotdogs fish and veggies love grilling but never owned one..God willing I will thankyou and God bless

  139. Carolsue says:

    Grilled Beer Brats. Siimmer in Corona Beer, then grill.
    here’s a link to the recipe
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  140. Denise says:

    Flank steak stuffed with a hash brown potato mixture.

  141. kesha says:

    i love to cook on the grill everyday!!!!!!

  142. Jake Smith says:

    Grilled corn, chicken breast, stuffed peppers and portrbella mushrooms is how we do parties on the grill.

  143. Du Wayne says:

    Primerib on a 55 gal. smoker/gill. No restruant has this!!!!

  144. F says:

    MOINK Balls

  145. Du Wayne B says:

    I like slow roasted chicken halve/legandthighs.It takes 6 cans of beers and they are done. bbq sauces maybe sometimes! baked potatoes with garlic butter.

  146. Chuck Schobert says:

    On the grill, I like a good ribeye steak. Grilled corn on the cob.

    In the smoker I like a brisket cooked low and slow.

    Ok now I am hungry!

  147. Charlie Garcia says:

    My favorite right meow is a Smoked butt. I add tangy Slaw on a Hawaiian bun.

  148. Jason says:

    Thanks for the posts, but I just wanted to point out that this contest was for past years and is no longer active.

  149. Felix says:

    I love to grill out pork chops with just a simple marinade sauce, it’s easy,quick, and they come out juicy,tender and with a great flavor.

  150. I made carne asada at our memorial day gathering called meatstravaganza. It was fabulous! I guess I’m a little late to the party but here’s the recipe anyways:

    2 pounds flank or skirt steak

    4 garlic cloves, minced
    1 jalapeño chile pepper, seeded and minced
    1 teaspoon freshly ground cumin seed (best to lightly toast the seeds first, then grind them)
    1 large handful fresh cilantro, leaves and stems, finely chopped (great flavor in the stems)
    Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
    1 lime, juiced
    2 tablespoons white vinegar
    1/2 teaspoon sugar
    1/2 cup olive oil

    Lay the flank steak in a large non-reactive bowl or baking dish. Combine marinade ingredients and pour the marinade over the steak. Make sure each piece is well coated. Cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 1-4 hours.
    Preheat your grill over medium-high flame (you can also use a cast iron grill pan on high heat for stove-top cooking). Brush the grates with a little oil to prevent the meat from sticking. Remove the steak from the marinade.
    Season both sides of the steak pieces with salt and pepper. Grill the pieces for a few minutes only, on each side, depending on how thin they are, until medium rare to well done, to your preference. You may need to work in batches.

    I served mine with tortillas, cilantro, tomatoes, onion, avacado and lime wedges. It was delicious! I won second place in the competition.

  151. paul webb says:

    anything edible ill throw on a grill lol

  152. Bethanie Hale says:

    I love anything off the grill especially brisket!!

  153. Jessica Stoddard says:

    I love anything on the grill! It is used all year long at my house, even during snow storms. I can always go for a London broil with some fresh vegetables off the grill or bbq chicken