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BYOMB: An Ode to Kansas City BBQ

Josh KennedyThere’s a new music video called “BYOMB: An Ode to Kansas City BBQ” that’s lighting up the interwebs amongst the Kansas City BBQ culture. BYOMB stands for “Bring Your Own Man Bib”, and it’s actually a pretty catchy tune that calls out a handful of the beloved Kansas City BBQ joints. Typically these types of barbecue tribute songs are oozing with the twang of a country music parody, but not this one. It’s writer, Joshua Kennedy, throws down a hip-hop flavor that’s just as strong as the smoked meats he’s rapping about. The song takes you on a quick 3 minute journey through the evolution of Kansas City BBQ culture as experienced by Kennedy. From the days of the Big 3 (Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, and Jack Stack) to the rise of Oklahoma Joe’s and tailgating at the Royals and Chiefs games, this recount of the KC BBQ scene will conjure up some familiar imagery for anyone who has spent a decent amount of time in our great city!

If you like the tune, then head on over to the Joshua Kennedy website where he’s selling downloads of the song for $1.00.

This isn’t the first time that KC BBQ has turned up in a rap video. Most notably was 2010 when local hip-hop legend Tech N9NE released the “Gates Mixed Plate” album including the song “O.G.”, aka Ollie Gates.

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  1. Fiona Mackie says:

    Nice..I am off to download the tune……

  2. bob says:

    Every time I hear thath song, I can only think of a hot summer day bbq’ing with my family!