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Guy Fieri FoodWith its great taste and second-to-none versatility, you can’t go wrong with pork on the grill – especially now that the USDA has lowered pork cooking temperature guidelines to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by a three-minute rest time – resulting in a juicier, tender, medium-rare grilled masterpiece.

To help ignite your inspiration, the National Pork Board and Guy Fieri are excited to offer a “Summer Grilling Essentials” prize pack to giveaway to one lucky visitor of our BBQ Addicts community. The lucky winner will be hooked up with everything you need to kick your outdoor cooking into high gear for the second half of the summer grilling season.

The prize pack includes Guy’s new cookbook Guy Fieri Food: Cookin’ It, Livin’ It, Lovin’ It, four (4) bottles of guys new line of BBQ sauces, the ultimate grilling tool set, a digital thermometer, and a $25 gift card to purchase pork at a local retailer. To get entered into the drawing, all you have to do is leave a comment below and/or on our Facebook fan page letting us know why you love pork. (HINT: commenting in both locations will double your chances of winning!!!) On Monday, August 1st, we’ll randomly select one lucky winner from all those who have entered. Good luck!

Guy Fieri Summer Grilling Essentials

To hype up your appetite awhile you anxiously await the announcement of the winner’s name, Guy has also hooked us up with a brand new hot-off-the-presses pork recipe.

Cuban-Style Grilled Spare Ribs with Mojo Sauce

8 pounds pork spare ribs, trimmed of excess surface fat, silverskin removed, cut into 5 or 6
2 tablespoons granulated garlic
1 tablespoon kosher salt
1 1/2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper

Mojo Sauce
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup fresh orange juice
1/3 cup fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
3 garlic cloves, minced
3 tablespoons chopped cilantro
2 tablespoons chopped flat-leaf parsley
2 tablespoons finely chopped chives
1 tablespoon honey
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat an outdoor grill for indirect medium heat. For a gas grill, remove cooking grates.
Preheat grill on high. Turn one burner off. Place disposable aluminum foil pan over off burner
and add 2 cups water. Replace grates. Adjust heat to medium (350°F). For a charcoal grill,
place disposable aluminum foil pan on one side of charcoal grate; add 2 cups water. Build
fire on opposite side, and let burn until coals are coated with white ash. Spread coals in grill
opposite pan and let burn 15-20 minutes. Position cooking grate in grill.

Mix granulated garlic, salt, and pepper a together in a small bowl to make a basic seasoning
mix (the bright, bold flavor will come later from the mojo sauce). Season ribs all over, rubbing
seasoning into the ribs well. Arrange ribs over foil pan (a rib rack works great) and cover the
grill. Grill, turning occasionally, until the ribs are nicely browned and the meat is beginning to
pull away from the bones, about 1 1/2 hours. (For a charcoal grill, add 12 briquettes to coals
after 45 minutes.) This gets the ribs nice and smoky for a great base flavor.

Carefully transfer ribs to a platter. Wrap each slab in a double thickness of aluminum foil.
Crimp foil edges to seal packet. Return the ribs to indirect medium heat. (For charcoal grill,
add 12 more briquettes to coals.) Cover and grill ribs until very tender (caused by steam in foil),
about 1 hours.

Meanwhile, make mojo sauce. Process ingredients in blender into smooth sauce, and season
with salt and pepper. Refrigerate to blend flavors, at least 15 minutes. Taste and adjust

seasoning once more just before serving. Makes about 1 1/3 cups.

Return ribs to platter. Carefully unwrap ribs–the ribs will be very steamy and hot, so take care-
-and discard foil. (Ribs can be prepared up to 1 hour ahead at this point. Or cool, cover, and
refrigerate for up to 4 hours.)

Prepare a hot fire in grill. (For a charcoal grill, build a fresh fire, let burn until coals are covered
with ash.) Return unwrapped ribs to grill and cover. Grill, flipping occasionally, until sizzling, 6
to 8 minutes.

Transfer ribs to a carving board and let stand for 5 minutes. Cut into individual ribs and place
on a clean platter. Serve ribs with mojo sauce, allowing each guest to spoon sauce over ribs to

Congratulations to Ken from Ontario for being selected as our winner! Thanks again to everyone who entered our Summer Grilling Essentials Giveaway!

*Please note that The National Pork Board is not sponsoring the giveaway promotion, but rather supplying the prize pool by providing us with the free gift basket.

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  1. I love pork for the sweet smell as the ribs have been in for an hour or 2.The pork aroma from the smoker starts to fill the air. :)


  2. Lisa says:

    JUST ONE REASON WHY WE LOVE PORK???? seriously? How can I think of just one?! We purchased a smoke a few years ago and since them, pork has pretty much become a religion in our house!

  3. Dan White says:

    I love pork because the flavor of the different cuts vary so much that you cook a variety of cuts and have a different flavor experience each time. That and pork is a perfect vehicle for adding external flavor through rubs and brines.

  4. Ernie Rupp says:

    Pork is like gods little gift to flavor. Why else did he make every little bit taste so good and different. From the ribs to the bacon from the shoulder to the ham. It is all good and all have their own unique taste.

  5. Trent Jones says:

    Love the site. Keep the recipe’s coming.

  6. Chuck says:

    I like the mojo sauce

  7. Angela W. says:

    I just cant get enough of eating pork on the bbqer. you smell it and you know its pork. pink juicy succulent pig gets my mouth watering. Dont forget pork fat rules!

  8. M. Aaron Pennell says:

    I love pork for two simple reasons: the taste and the versatility. From ribs to loin to chops…there are millions of recipes, basic and complex, that will give you a mouthwatering feast.

  9. Kevin C says:

    makes me hungry – ready to go BBQ now.

  10. Richard says:

    I watch the cooking channel all the time. Hunter will be a good cook when he gets older and takes over his dads show…

  11. Nancy Sterling says:

    I love BBQ!! Cooking and eating it makes my heart smile. Always looking for new recipes….

  12. oipunx says:

    I’ll take everything but the cookbook. Thanks!

  13. Jeff R says:

    My family’s obsession with pork has spanned for years. My Dad used to hunt wild boar, so we were never short on having pork in the deep freeze. Even at the time I succumbed to peer pressure and became a vegan for a few years, I still craved pork. What my friends didn’t know didn’t hurt them!

    Grilling some pork steaks tonight…beats the hell outta tofu!

  14. Angela Denton says:

    PORK IS WHAT IS FOR DINNER. I love all cuts of Pork but my favorite is the Whole Hog. My husband competes on the bbq circuit and I am a BBQ Judge and judge about 15 times a year. This is my hobby and can never get enough of it!!!!!

  15. Marianne says:

    Pork is so easy to fix!

  16. Darren says:

    Because, Pig is good. Bacon makes everything better. As a matter of fact, we have a contest to find something that bacon makes worse. We haven’t found anything yet. (Try a good vanilla ice cream with bacon.. Crazy but good.)

  17. Yvonne Smith says:

    No other meat on the planet is even worth eating! Pork rules!

  18. Michael Mc says:

    Looking at all the recipies and sauces and rubs, just makes my mouth water. Put some of that good stuff on a nice chunk of pork, and you can’t beat the flavor and moisture. Thanks for sharing all the great info, and helping us to be better cooks!

  19. richard rollins says:

    Love the whole hog. Spend 8-14 hours tending to the cooker and just hanging out with family and friends. The payback- the beautiful brown meat with the crispy skin and the smiles on the faces of all those enjoying it. The extended cook time also gives the chance to do 3-5 fatties for snacking throughout the cook time.

  20. Jim says:

    There is nothing better then smokey baby back ribs melting in your mouth.

  21. Gwen says:

    have been told that pork is the food of the gods. it can be cooked in so many ways. from cooking it underground and aging in newpapers to grilling or my favorite roasting it. the smell from roasting drives me crazy!! my neighbor even come over and comment on how good it smells and to know when supper is. when it is done “oh my god!” it is so good!!!!

  22. Forrest Long says:

    When pork just falls off the bone, explodes with flavor in your mouth, and is so tender it almost melts in your mouth, there is nothing that tastes better. I am a BBQ porkaholic and can never get too much of it.

  23. aaron says:

    mmmmm. baconey…yummy pork..

  24. Bill says:

    I love pork because you can get so many different flavors from the different cuts! Pork Rules!

  25. Derrick Llewellyn says:

    When I think of pork, I believe it is the best meat to smoke in so many ways. From traditional pulled pork to slowed smoked ribs. Then to the untraditional bacon explosions and armadillo eggs. Nothing says BBQ and smoking to me than great pork.

  26. Ed Raab says:

    Because nothing beats a good pig roast.

  27. Anson says:

    Why do I like like pork? You have to ask?

  28. Ken Hubbs says:

    You cant top any pork cut done on a smoker.Any wood chip flavour goes great with pork products,My favourite is
    Apple…….Honey Apple smoked back ribs,yummy…

  29. Matt North says:

    MOJO Risin’

  30. Chris says:

    I like pork because it tastes like pig!

  31. Marsha says:

    Love to BBQ pork. It is the meat of choice.

  32. Troy says:

    Because, when smoked, Pork is MEAT CANDY!!!

  33. melinda g says:

    I love pork because no other meat has such succulent, delicious fat. You wouldn’t scarf down a big hunk of beef fat or chicken fat, but pork fat, oh yeah!

  34. …because when done right it’s the best tasting meat on the planet! mmm…PORK!

  35. Bob Wish says:

    I love pork!
    There is nothing like sweet, juicy, smokey Baby Backs done just right.
    It’s what’s for dinner! (lunch, breakfast, snacks….)

  36. Julie Jones says:

    I love pork because there are so many ways to prepare and cook it that you just can’t be bored with it.

  37. Kyle says:

    Pork, the other white meat. Nothing smells better than a big fat BUTT smoking on the grill. Pork butt that is.

  38. Eric says:

    WoW….great give aaway I think the Cuban style spare ribs with mojo, is a great way to keep us going until prize selection. I am surr this is a great recipe knowing that it has cuban mojo!

  39. Nathan says:

    I saw the new bbq sauces in the store this weekend. I am interested to try the pacific rim bbq sauce.

  40. Nathan says:

    Also, I love pork because it is so versatile.

  41. GJNelson says:

    Ribs are good but there is nothing better than a butt on the pit. Cook it on a pellet or a drum with your favorite rub, some slaw and alittle sauce. Who cares about lobster, give me the butt anytime.

  42. Susan B says:

    I love pork – it is easy to cook and there are so many different flavors and cuts to make any meal delicious.

  43. Stan says:

    It’s pork! do we need any more reason than that?

  44. Todd Brown says:

    Ill take pork over beef 10 outta 10 times!!! Long live the swine!!!

  45. justin wilcox says:

    bbq sauce is awesome it goes with everything and you know guys is OUT OF BOUNDS !!!!! WHOOP WHoop awesome giveaway !

  46. Mark Kazanoff says:

    Nothing better than a rack of ribs on the grill, except a bacon explosion. Or smoking a pork loin with homemade BBQ sauce. Or dry rubbing some pork chops and grilling them up with some grilled portabella mushrooms and zucchini. Or maybe, oh never mind. PORK RULES!!!!!!!!

  47. nicky says:

    I <3 BBQ

  48. Trisha says:

    I love to cook it, but my favorite part is eating it :) I love pork!!!

  49. Melissa Cress says:

    Cause it is so good and good for you!

  50. Adam says:

    I <3 pork because it's the other white meat. OK, just kidding, who the hell cares what color it is as long as it's delicious? I REALLY love pork because hell, where would BBQ be without pork? No pork, no pulled pork. That simple.

  51. Anthony says:


  52. Dante says:

    Pork (the other white meat) is like meat candy! With Pork can you pair it with anything (entrees or side dishes) and turn it into a culinary masterpiece. Give me one cut of Pork and I can make it better than any steak or piece of chicken you’ve EVER HAD!

  53. emily dunlay says:

    pork is so delicious and can be used in so many ways in cooking! my favorite thing in the world is a pulled bbq pork sandwich in the summer, ohhh my! yum!

  54. Ken G says:

    Pork is one of my favorite meats to throw on the smoker. Not only is it new bbqer friendly, it is affordable and can be cooked in so many different ways.

  55. Chuck S says:

    Bacon is the candy bar of meats!

  56. Ryan L says:

    Love tender ribs and pulled pork slow cooked on charcoal

  57. Jarold "Hat" Addington says:

    The memories, from my paternal grandmother’s true mincemeat (not chutney) pie, to my maternal grandfather’s home butchered and home smoked hams.
    The versatility of an blank canvas. It takes any seasoning you want to give it, and you never run out of new tastes for it.
    The value, pound for pound, is more economical than beef or fish, and safer than poultry.

  58. Mike Lavender says:

    Pork is a staple in our house hold because of the versatility. We have even taught our children the religion of bacon, and to love our lord and sausage The Pig.

  59. Marie Chouest says:

    We love pork!! We cook most every part of the pig!! Cracklins, hog head cheese, pork chops, pork roasts, sausage etc…

  60. Troy says:

    I love pork because, as Homer says, it’s a magical animal. Whatever meat the recipe calls for, you can make it better with pork!

  61. Scott Casey says:

    Pork is so versatile and the numerous ways it can be cooked adds to the flavor profile!! And there is nothing better than a properly cooked rack of ribs!!

  62. Robin says:

    BBQ’d pork spare ribs are the tastiest and most fun to eat food on the planet! MMMM, just talking about them is making me hungry!
    Going to try a KC BBQ restaurant from one of your shows on Thursday and might just have to get some!

  63. jcbbq507 says:

    Pork . . . The one you love

  64. Michael Williams says:

    Pork its whats for dinner – Yum

  65. Dennis says:

    From the snout to the pout…nothin’ not to like about pork!

  66. Mel_LVS says:

    My boyfreind is a great cook. He courted me with Pork. How could I not fall in love???!!!

  67. Johnine zurek says:

    There’s nothing quite like a sunny day on the deck with family and friends and the smoker loaded up with pork. This year will by our 6th annual pig roast!! I love pork so much I feel the need to feed everyone I know and share the porky delishessness!!! Consider this your formal invitation, Guy ;)You’ll have to email me for details. See you at the pit:) signed the pork dork

  68. Cheryl S says:

    We love the true versatility of pork. Just last week we took a pork tenderloin and made three completely distinctive dinners with leftovers for lunches!!! The per pound price of pork is always good and even better when on sale. 3 dinners with meet for less $2/pound. Good for us too as pork is the other White Meet.

  69. Bill says:

    Nothing like ribs and pulled pork slow cooked with apple or cherry wood

  70. Dale says:

    Pork is one of my main meats, I can usually find something on sale. The versatility of pork makes it awesome.

  71. Ian says:

    Just the word “bacon” makes me drool like one of Pavlov’s dogs. Pulled pork, sausages, ham… drooooooool!

  72. BOB D says:

    I am completely addicted to a cajun pork tenderloin I’ve been grilling this summer. Just thinking about it makes me want to grill it!

  73. Frydaddyfrank says:

    I love pork because pork loves me! Oink oink.

  74. J. R. says:

    I love the smell of pork in the morning. It smells like, victory.

  75. Kevin says:

    Can you say cripy,juicy, flavorful fat? I know that you can!

  76. georgemoe says:

    It’s always about the pork! :)

  77. Brandon says:

    Pork is the super meat.

  78. Rob Callen says:

    City ordinance banned pouring bacon grease down the drain. I was appaled to learn there were a couple people wasting valuable cake frosting!

  79. Jason says:

    Congratulations to Ken from Ontario for being selected as our winner! Thanks again to everyone who entered our Summer Grilling Essentials Giveaway!

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  81. Bob Wish says:

    Baby Back Ribs are like having candy for dinner!

  82. Brent B says:

    I like white meat and pork is the other white meat. I’m just trying to figure out what the first white meat is. Love me some pulled pork!

  83. Cecilia says:

    Preparing pork brings back memories of watching my Mom prepare dinner. I learned to make traditional Mexican meals like pork with Mexican squash and corn or pork in red chili sauce not to mention that bacon grease makes those retried beans especially tasty.

  84. Robert Leonard says:

    Can’t wait to get the bar-b-que fired up and show my 2 son-n-laws how to slow cook ribs, how to do a burger, chicken and sausages without burning them or getting smoke in the face. Let the backyard party start.

  85. Chuck Bauer says:

    There is no better way to start the day, then the smell of pork first thing in the morning!!


  86. Brian says:

    Pork is the essence of summer. Social, unlike a hotdog that takes 2 min. to cook. Pork ribs, roasts, allow for socializing with friends, having a drink and taking it all in.

  87. kesha says:

    pork ribs on the grill r the bomb!!!!!

  88. Kevin Utz says:

    What’s not to love about pork! Whether it’s pulled pork, tenderloin, spare ribs, baby backs, pork chops or the beloved bacon…we owe a debt of gratitude to piggies!

  89. Jim Parks says:

    I wasn’t aware of the change in temperature recommendations for pork so this is really useful information.

  90. shelia evans says:

    we loved the bacon expolison

  91. Lisa S. says:

    I love your web site! We are big smokers & BBQ’ers at our house and LOVE all of your posts! Thanks

  92. jim stocks says:

    because its like candy on the hoof.

  93. Jon says:


  94. Sherry Lykins says:

    Love pork!! You can do so many differant things with it! Love bbq pork ribs!

  95. Scott says:

    Wow, so many reasons to worship the pork. Tender, flavorful, meat that soaks up a good smoke flavor as well as any of the meats in my opinion. But the number one reason for a fat guy like me is that with less calories than beef I can eat twice as much!

  96. Tim Davis says:

    Pork with nothing added is most excellent. But if you add smoke, garlic, and other seasonings, your are elevated to a MUCH higher level of great taste. As has been mentioned by others, it absorbs flavors very well.

  97. Tim says:

    Pork… summer is the seaason, isn’t it? In the cooker, using only charcoal and chips of course, is anything better than ribs and pulled pork? Not in this world I think,,,,

  98. Sandra Brady says:

    Lean cuts of pork are high in protein, low in fat and have more B vitamins than many other types of meat.

  99. Bethanie Hale says:

    I love pork for its versatility!!!

  100. Stephen Tornblom says:

    I love pork because certain cuts are leaner than chicken and pork in general is versatile depending on the cut or pork.