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Free Stuff: Plowboy’s T-Shirts

Freebies!Now that we’ve shippped mountains of Plowboy’s award winning rub all over this great country continent, it’s time we hook a few people up with some of their classy logo t’s. We’ve consulted our favorite random number generator at RANDOM.ORG to select the winners from among the comments posted on the inaugural version of The Monthly Rubdown. But before we announce the winners, we need to let you in on a little secret. Instead of a t-shirt, one lucky person is walking away with a free shaker of Bovine Bold!

Congratulations to the following winners!  You’ll be receiving an email shortly to confirm shipping details.  Keep checking back as we’ve still got plenty of freebies to throw your way.

Male Shirts
Rob K
Ron Jones

Female Shirts
Jim Mac

Bovine Bold Shaker

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  1. Rob K says:

    WAHOO! I was so surprised to see my winning email notification on my BlackBerry this morning ;-) I will be sending it back soon!

    Thanks so much!

  2. Mare says:

    Yeehaw—I will take a ladies L t-shirt please. I wear size 14 so I think that works. Now I can wear it when I go ride the mechanical bull at “Ropers” next time. Thank you!

    Ride the bull ,
    dine on bull,
    but don’t take no bull.

  3. SmokeInDaEye says:

    How udderly amazing! I’ve heard so many good things about Bovine Bold but haven’t gotten a chance to try it. Plowboy and BBQAddicts rock!

  4. Link went to 404 for the monthly rubdown entry. ):

  5. Jason says:

    @Joseph – Thanks for pointing this out. It has been fixed.

    The first batch of Plowboy’s shirts went out with today’s mail. The post office said to expect delivery in 2-9 days. Enjoy!

  6. Jesse Smith says:

    Plowboy T-Shirt. I never win anything but thought I would send this in to try to win a free T-Shirt. Not sure if you are still giving them away but thought I would try anyway. Thank you for your time.