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BBQ Twitterers You Should Be Following

BBQ Addicts gained a lot of exposure on our bacon recipe post from twitter so we decided to throw out a post on the best BBQ twitterers (and some general foodies thrown in for good measure). You can follow us on twitter at @BBQAddicts (Aaron) and @BBQAddicts_Jason (Jason – if you hadn’t guessed).

In no particular order here are some BBQ twitterers we follow:

@SmokeInDaEye – Competition team from NY, nice guys and they know they’re stuff!
@BBQCentralShow – All about BBQ here.
@WhiteTrashBBQ – Competitor from Brooklyn, NY on the KCBS circuit.
@hotsaucedaily – One of my favorites. Introduced me to this incredible creation!
@baconbacon – Not to be confused with the spammer, this one is a real person.
@bbqadventures – Smokes like a real cook!
@BaconUnwrapped – What is it with bacon these days?
@SysAdmKC – Fellow KC resident and KCBS judge.
@bacontwits – Even more bacon.
@Cookmanfood – He certainly qualifies in the BBQ category.
@bacontoday – The bacon never ends.
@beerbabe – Gotta have beer with your BBQ.
@grillnggreg – NC style, but I can’t fault him for that!
@cmcadams – Great at doing BBQ close ups on his blog!
@DivaQBBQ – Canadian Q’er and competitor!

And some general foodie twitterers:

@FNCrazy – Okay, so I have a little crush on Sarah East so she gets to be first.
@BlogWellDone – Great vegan food blogger, and he lives down the street from us.
@seriouseats – Some SERIOUS eats!
@TheGourmetGirl – Send her some recipes!
@healthy_food – In case you’ve clogged your arteries with too much bacon!
@amyrecipes – Professional caterer and South Beach diet guru.
@Star_Chefs – Online magazine for chefs.
@BenTheCook – Another good food blogger.
@Foodimentary – Fun food facts.
@thebigyum – UK food blogger.
@FoodBlog – The name says it all.
@Grill_Meister – Pffft…I forgot, sorry :/
@OliverRanch – Beef Geek!

There you have it! Twitter is a great social community and a great place to find new recipes, advice, and there is no shortage of fun stuff. If you don’t have an account, head over and get one! (And sorry if we missed anyone, I tried to make sure the list was complete)

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  1. Aaron – nice post and a great list to network with. Thanks for the mention of the bacon wrapped, chorizo stuffed jalapenos recipe! – Brian Meagher

  2. Aaron says:

    @Brian, we’ve done them with little smokies in the jalapenos (we call them buffalo turds), but yours kicked it up a notch! Good stuff.

  3. fancycwabs says:

    @chowmemphis is worth checking out for Memphis foodies and/or visitors. It IS a robot, however, so you can’t really get to know it.

  4. Aaron says:

    Normally not a big fan of bots, but that one actually links to a pretty decent blog.

  5. So my dad caught you guys this morning and sent me a link. Said I should check you guys out. Some really amazing stuff. Giving me all kinds of ideas. I might be able to give you guys a few ideas as well. Check my stuff out on

  6. Super nice site….that is some humdinger of a hamburger. You would have your belly full after that sucker. Best to you!

  7. BBQ Grail says:

    Great list. I can only think of one you left off! LOL
    ME! @BBQGrail. Home of the MOINK Ball

  8. Aaron says:

    Home of the MOINK Ball shouldn’t be passed over! (Sorry, old list, I’ll update it soon!)

  9. Hey, don’t forget to get the latest from the Grillin Fools!! You guys follow me as well. Oh, and I promise never to send anything out that is not grillin related.

    Oh, and the BBQ Grail is a really good blog. Highly recommended!!!

  10. Lorraine Ipsan-Rose says:

    You should add @karmacakedotca she’s a food writer in Canada. She talks a lot but when she talks about food she posts a lot about bbq, beer, some recipes in the mix. There is also @bitchinkitchen who is from montreal and she produces a webshow on food that is totally bitchin!