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BBQ Makes Everything Better Over the last year and half we’ve been working non-stop on developing our first cookbook “BBQ Makes Everything Better“. All those sleepless nights are about to pay off as we’re quickly approaching May 4th, the official release date for our first book.

Now don’t go thinking that this is your standard grilling or smoking “how-to” cookbook. We do include the tips and techniques that every backyard cook should posses, but our focus in on creating delicious, mouth-watering meals through simple and easy-to-follow recipes. These are the dishes we’ve cooked for our friends and families for years, and now we’re thrilled to finally share them with you!

Including a thorough discussion of equipment, methods and techniques for cooking well beyond the “Holy Trinity of BBQ” (ribs, pork and brisket), BBQ Makes Everything Better shows you everything you need to know to make a perfect meal. Light-hearted in tone and full of easy-to-follow instructions, it’s the complete barbecue cookbook. Highlighted by our infamous Bacon Explosion recipe, BBQ Makes Everything Better also contains instructions and tips for burgers, bacon, fatties, party food and tailgates, barbecue and booze, international barbecue, leftovers, lighter fare and desserts. Be the first to get your copy and help us make this the best BBQ book on the shelves! Pick from several online retailers below!

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In addition to the outstanding recipes, our book also contains a password to access a special “members only” section of our website. In the very near future we will be rolling out a full scale interactive community for you to share all of your barbecue experiences. You’ll be able to post pictures and videos, as well as interact with the other visitors of our site. We’re putting the final touches on everything right now, so be on the lookout for it’s release in the coming days.


And last, but certainly not least, the BBQ Addicts will be heading to New York City to promote BBQ Makes Everything Better on NBC’s TODAY Show. We’ll be cooking on live national television on the morning on May 7th. So tune in to get a glimpse of Aaron taunting Al Roker with a hot Bacon Explosion, and to also get a sneak peak at a few of the recipes included in our new book!

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  1. jamEs says:

    This sounds awesome. Definitely adding this to my cookbook wishlist.

  2. Jon says:

    Its true BBQ does make everything better.

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