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Welcome To BBQ Addicts!

BBQ RibsWelcome to We’ll be your central hub for all things BBQ related, from cooking a steak in your backyard to competition BBQ. We’ll give you the tips and tutorials that most of the professional teams won’t tell you about including things like how to make your own BBQ sauce and rubs to presenting your meat for competition BBQ. Want to know more about competitive BBQ and the teams that participate? We’ll be doing that too! We will also have everything you need to know if you’re a beginner and just starting out. BBQ is a wonderful hobby and if you can do it well, you’ll not only be the star of your parties, but you will be hooked on all things BBQ.

We’ll be providing you with hands-on product reviews, video tutorials, step-by-step instructions and more! Check out the BBQ Addicts profile page to find out about us and to contact us with any questions.

Weber GenesisIn the coming months we’ll be doing a complete overhaul of the website to include product reviews by experts and novices alike, and you’ll have the ability to rate cooking methods, recipes, equipment and much more! We will also be launching a forum covering anything and everything. Welcome to the world of BBQ!

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  1. Mo says:

    Hi – found your website through ??? But since you’re all things BBQ I’m hoping you have the “ultimate burger” recipie. I’ve tried dozens of recipes, and none work out. The burgers are always -blah-

    Can you help???


  2. andy says:

    has anyone ever smoked some shark or is this possible, i am goingto smoke a bunch of food and a friend has gave me some shark he wants me to try and smoke it,any ideas i would be greatful thanks

  3. Aaron says:


    Good question. Never smoked shark, just a lot of fish. I would keep your smoker temp lower than normal (185?), use a light wood like alder or apple. I’d brine it with kosher salt for 10-15 minutes. Rubs…I’m not sure what would compliment shark. Probably one that isn’t too strong.

    Sounds like it should be delicious! Let us know how it comes out.

  4. andy says:

    well he forgot the shark, so one of the next few weeks we are doing another smoke and i will try it then and let yall know how it turns out