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Bacon ExplosionEver since that fateful day when we presented our Bacon Explosion™ recipe to the world, we’ve been inundated with emails, tweets, and Facebook messages from people who want to enjoy the true barbecue flavor that our original recipe calls for, but don’t have the time or means to smoke one themselves. As we announced at the Great American Barbecue, we’ve been working diligently to create a fully cooked, pre-smoked, heat and eat Bacon Explosion™ using our official Burnt Finger BBQ sauce and rub. Our hard work has finally paid off, and we’re now proud to announce our official retail launch. Behold, The Original Bacon Explosion™!!!

Bacon Explosion

What you see above is THE very first production unit of The Original Bacon Explosion™ hot off the cryovac machine. Each and every one of these fatties that we produce contains nothing but the highest quality ingredients which are fully endorsed by Burnt Finger BBQ and BBQ Addicts. Although this delicious morsel of smoked awesomeness is not yet available in stores, we’ve done the leg work to be able to ship our fully cooked original recipe directly to your front door. Through our website, we’re currently offering The Original Bacon Explosion™ in half, full, and double quantities, but feel free to contact us for custom or bulk quantities. All orders will be shipped via FedEx 2-Day delivery in a dry ice cooler to guarantee your Bacon Explosion™ arrives on your doorstep just as fresh as it was coming out of our smoker. We’ll also include reheating instructions, so you can rest easy knowing that we’ve taken care of all the barbecue work for you. Simply thaw, unwrap, heat and eat!!!

For you lucky Kansas Citians, we now have a local carryout location. You can purchase your Original Bacon Explosion at the Kansas City BBQ Store that is connected to Oklahoma Joe’s in Olathe! Stay tuned for more locations soon!

Bacon Explosion

For those of you outside the Kansas City area that would like to have the convenience of purchasing The Original Bacon Explosion™ locally in your hometown, please begin requesting it at your favorite market or grocery store. Retailers are very good at listening to the requests of their patrons, so be sure to ask for it every time you’re in their store!!!

The Original Bacon Explosion
Click Here To Buy!

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  3. Redneck Cooking Crew from Liberty Hill Texas says:

    We entered the Bacon Explosion in “Open/Cook’s Choice” at a BBQ Cook-off this past weekend. This is our 4th Texas cook-off competition and we needed something new to enter. Out of 48 teams, we are pleased we placed 6th in beans and 10th in chicken. We did not even “table” in brisket, ribs or open. Very dissapointed to say the least. The only thing I can think of with the open is it did not cut into nice looking 20 bite size pieces. It wasn’t for the taste, because everyone around our team devoured the remaining Bacon Explosion. To bad there was no judging pre and post cooking. It was a beauty. Will compete with it again and might look into using toothpicks if we have to cut for individual bite sizes.

    I’m also looking forward to trying the Buffalo Turds. We can’t use them in competition because the smokies are pre-cooked. All meat has to be raw before competition, so if we figure something out, we’ll let you know.

    Thanks for this site,

  4. Jason says:

    @RedneckCookingCrew – Every contest is different, so it’s hard to gauge on just one turn-in. We’ve had many reports of people bringing home 1st place honors using the Bacon Explosion recipe, so hopefully next time will work out better for you!!!

  5. Redneck Cooking Crew from Liberty Hill Texas says:

    Oh Jason I wasn’t complaining about the BE, just complaining about judging. We all were very very suprised that it didn’t even table because there was nothing left of the BE around our team and friends. And trust me, they didn’t eat it to be polite. Our group is brutly honest when it comes to cooking BBQ. It was jaw dropping. Must have been the German town we were in. (HA)

  6. Jason says:

    @RedneckCookingCrew – I didn’t interpret your comment as complaining at all. I was just passing along the experiences of a few others. I agree totally that judging can vary greatly from contest to contest…but isn’t that what keeps us coming back for more??!? ;) Keep at it and I’m sure you’ll bring home a well deserved BE call in no time!!!

  7. Wow, that looks absolutely delicious! Great post, you did such a nice job presenting the pictures too…I am definitely going to have to try that recipe this weekend! Thanks!