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Bacon Explosion: New Flavors On Sale Now

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The BBQ Addicts have release two new flavors of Bacon Explosion! If you’ve ever bitten into a Bacon Explosion and thought “This is fantastic, but it would be even better if it had *insert favorite ingredient*“, then you’ve come to the right place. Starting today, we now have our brand new Jalapeno Bacon Explosion and Cheese Bacon Explosion available for purchase right here on BBQ Addicts.

These new flavors are the same great Bacon Explosion recipe that the world has come to love, but with the addition of a few enhancements. Nestled inside that juicy layer of smoked sausage is now a hearty serving of fresh jalapeno peppers or creamy American cheese to match the crispy bacon pieces that give Bacon Explosion is trademark “pinwheel” appearance. That’s right…you’re getting the exact same amount of porky pleasure that our Original Bacon Explosion delivers, but now with more POW for the exact same price! Head on over to our store to pick up your 3 pack sampler today.


But wait…that’s not all. Since you’re now buying Bacon Explosion in bulk, you’re going to need a reliable (and stylish) way of toting around all those meat logs. Lucky for you, we’re also rolling out our brand new Bacon Explosion Pig-Porter.

Paired with one of our pre-smoked Bacon Explosions, the Pig-Porter is the perfect gift for bachelor parties, birthdays, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, client appreciation gifts, or even a surprise “thinking of you” care package. And when you’re not hauling around a load of pork, the Bacon Explosion Pig-Porter also dubs as a wine/liquor/40 oz tote to keep your favorite beverage chilled.

Our Bacon Explosion Pig-Porter is made from a high quality insulated neoprene, so no matter whether you’re hauling around a hot or cold Bacon Explosion, you can rest assured that you’ll arrive at your destination with your pork at it’s desired temperature.

The Bacon Explosion Pig-Porter is sold and shipped separately from The Original Bacon Explosion line of meat products.

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  1. sandy j says:

    how about the best of both worlds; a jalapeno/cheese bacon explosion…

  2. Jason says:

    @sandy – That’s why you can get a half of both flavors and make a sandwich with a slice of each!

  3. akfiredawg says:

    Been doing it with homemade hot sausage, jalapenos and pepperjack cheese since I first started making them. Just finished two today for appetizers before my turkey went one to the smoker: One hot one as above, and one gentler, sweeter one for the kiddies. Awesome.

  4. dickspooj says:

    add some Frito corn chips to the center…perfection perfected