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Bacon ExplosionIt’s taken a full week, but now that we’re fully recovered from The Great American Barbecue it’s time to get blogging again. The festival was a landmark weekend for us, as we announced the upcoming release of our fully cooked, pre-smoked, heat and eat Bacon Explosion. This means that the hungry vistors of our site will no longer need any type of barbecue expertise to enjoy the authentic smokey flavor that our recipe calls for. The entire weekend was deemed our official “product launch party”, and we treated festival goers to over 3,000 samples from our first production run.

The feedback we received was unanimously positive, so we’re working diligently to get our internet mail order operation up and running ASAP. Keep an eye on our site, or join our mailing list, to be among the first to know the second we go live!

Bacon Explosion Sampling

In addition to the product launch, Burnt Finger BBQ also had a decent showing in the open contest. Here’s how we fared against a field of 161 teams in the standard KCBS meat categories:

Chicken: 133rd
Ribs: 46th
Pork: 62nd
Brisket: 72nd
Overall: 65th

With the exception of our epic chicken failure, we were relatively happy with our results as a whole.  Though where we really shined was our side dishes:

Vegetables: 17th
Potatoes: 19th
Beans: 3rd
Overall: 4th

All-in-all, a pretty darn good outing for both BBQ Addicts and Burnt Finger BBQ. The hula-hooping bacon girl made an appearance…

Bacon Hula Hoop

…our fan base showed up in full force…

Bacon Explosion Fan Club

…and we got to meet a barbecue legend!

Ardie Davis, aka Remus Powers

Big thanks are due to the GAB staff for hosting such a great event, and also the Pork Me Purple guys for putting up with our ruckus all weekend long!!!

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  1. SmokeInDaEye says:

    Nice write up and congrats on competing AND serving the public. That’s a ton of work. Ardie’s a great guy, huh?

  2. Jason says:

    @SmokeInDaEye – Yeah, it ended up being LOTS more work than we anticipated. And to be honest, I think our competition cook suffered because of it. Thanks okay though, we had a blast doing it!!!

  3. Mare says:

    As a poet, I was moved by the news we will soon be able to order the tasty morsel online and so wrote this haiku for y’all.

    Oh, most desired one
    Come to me, my mutant love
    Bacon explosion

  4. Bonnie Wooten says:

    I am serving your bacon explosion this Sunday for my husbands and sons birthday. I would like to know what sides to serve with your explosion to compliment it.
    Thank you,

  5. Barbara Tucker says:

    I have the same question as Bonnie Wooten – what sides dish do you serve with Bacon Explosion?