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Cooker’s Corner: All American BBQ

Rodney Dyche With the competition barbecue season now in full swing, it’s time we introduce you to some of the top competitive cookers on the circuit. We wouldn’t think of kicking off this new feature any other way than showcasing one of the nicest teams we’ve come across. They took us under their wing last year at the American Royal, and we attribute a great deal of our success to their willingness to share tips and tricks…our favorite being the early morning shot of Crown Royal to calm the nerves before turn-ins!!!

Cil and Rodney Dyche are a husband/wife team out of Easton, MO that go by the name All American BBQ. They got their start in 2004 and have been on a steady climb to the top of the ranks ever since. They earned their way into the 2008 American Royal Invitational by taking the Grand Championship at last year’s Harrah’s Summer Kickoff BBQ, and have kicked off this season by earning a Reserve Grand Championship at Smokin’ in the Creek, a 4th place finish at the Apple Blossom Barbecue, and a 4th place finish at the Muddy Water BBQ Festival.

All American BBQ

They cook on a single axle trailer rig from Spicewine Ironworks, sporting 4 racks with a total cooking surface of 23 square feet hovering over an 8 gallon water pan.  When not cooking, Cil and Rodney like to relax on the water reeling in the big ones…fish that is!

As part of this new feature, we’re also asking each team to share one of their favorite recipes.  This doesn’t have to be one of their coveted competition recipes, but rather one that they love to cook for their friends and family.  In the case of All American BBQ, they like to use their leftover competition pork butt to make pulled pork wontons.  According to Rodney “we take the pulled pork, add extra sauce, wrap it in wantons and fry until golden brown. Not much to it, but very good.”

All American BBQ

Rumor has it that this is the last year we’ll see All American BBQ out on the competition trail. Hopefully that’s nothing more than scuttlebutt, but if it does indeed come to fruition I think we can speak for the entire barbecue community by saying that we’ll all be pulling for a last minute Brett Farve-esque return once the season kicks up again next year!!!

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  1. Plowboy says:

    Damn it, Rodney.

  2. Mare says:

    I love the blogs, but because I’m a writer I need to point out that I believe you mean “wonton” and not “wanton”, which has many meanings but food isn’t one of them.

    Of course, one may wantonly eat wontons when one wants to. And I shall.

  3. Jason says:

    @Mare – Thanks for pointing that out! We’ll get it updated. Out of curiosity I looked up meaning of “wanton” and it definitely brought a whole new meaning to that sentence!

    wan·ton (wntn), adj.
    1. Immoral or unchaste; lewd.
    2a. Gratuitously cruel; merciless.
    2b. Marked by unprovoked, gratuitous maliciousness; capricious and unjust: wanton destruction.
    3. Unrestrainedly excessive: wanton extravagance; wanton depletion of oil reserves.
    4. Luxuriant; overabundant: wanton tresses.
    5. Frolicsome; playful.
    6. Undisciplined; spoiled.
    7. Obsolete Rebellious; refractory.

  4. Darrel & Sheila says:

    Rodney is very good at being a likeable person .. not just a fabulous chef. Yes, I said Chef as he does more than just bbq. Celia is a great partner to him also. Just all around great people with good cooking skills. Pleasure to know them and all around congradulations to their success.

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  6. mister bobo says:

    howdy neighbors!