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Lotta BS BBQ Class

Backwoods SmokerInterested in taking a barbecue class? Well this past weekend I had the opportunity to learn from Bob Snelson, a legend in the world of BBQ. Bob is a member of the Kansas City Barbecue Society, a former KCBS Contest Representative, a former CBJ (Certified Barbecue Judge) Instructor, and a past member of the KCBS Board of Directors. He’s won countless ribbons in major contests like the American Royal and is an all around great guy and excellent cook.

Now, I consider myself fairly good at smoking meat and we’ve done fairly well in our competitions so far, but I learned a ton of great tips on that Saturday (especially a lot of stuff we were doing wrong). The class was a hands-on deal, so we got to create our own rubs, and practice doing the presentations for each category of meat. We also got to do some cooking. Bob had the brisket and pork already done and in the warming box when we got there so we made some spare ribs (St. Louis Cut… or if you’re me you call them Kansas City cut). Here are some pictures of our practice turn in boxes for presentation. Keep in mind we’re used to working with just parsley, but I digress:

Spare Ribs PresentationSliced Pork PresentationChicken PresentationBrisket Presentation

The class covered a wide assortment of topics, all the way from the basic backyard cooking to competition level material. Included in the training:

  • Seasonings and their qualities
  • Developing your own rubs
  • Designing your own barbecue sauce
  • Meat selection and preparation
  • Cooking styles (open pit, closed pit, timing, etc)
  • Types of fuel
  • Tools and supplies
  • Lettuce and parsley preparation
  • Judging procedures
  • A whole slew of recipes

As you can clearly see we covered a hell of a lot in one day! We also got some BBQ goods to take home including the workbook we went off of in class, along with some rubs and sauce. This is one BBQ class I highly recommend! If you’re interested in taking the class, give Bob a call and schedule. All the information an be found over on his website Lotta BS BBQ.

BBQ Sauce and RubsLotta BS BBQ Class Book

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  1. Shortbus says:

    Aaron, I’m sorry, but always refer to it as a St. Louis cut. What would you tell someone that ask “whats a KC cut”? – “Well its a St Louis cut”
    Trust me, no one in St. Louis calls a Kansas city strip steak a St Louis strip steak… we call them Delmonico s! hahahahaha

    A proud BBQ/Griller/Smoker aficionado from St Louis!

  2. smokinmanbbq says:

    Aaron, I just got finished reading your article, it just goes to show that there is no end to learning how to produce great barbecue. It sounds like it was an educational class, because y’all have certainly stepped up your game. There was no mention of the Backwoods Smoker in the picture, I’ve owned and competed with a couple of his models. Great equipment!